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“Learning Never Exhausts the mind”
Leonardo Da Vinci

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Group and Private Tuition K to 12

We provide group and provate tution and Holiday Groups for students from Kindergarten to Year 12

Group Learning at R3 Education

What We Do

At R3 Education Centre, we offer small group and private tuition for pre-school to high school students in Mathematics and English.

We use the approach that children should feel enthusiastic about learning. We aim to help them develop critical thinking skills they can carry with them into other areas of their lives.

Group Learning at R3 Education

Why We Do it

The teaching approach of R3 Education Centre is to provide school aged children, from all walks of life with a more balanced education.

We believe that when exposed to both the traditional rote style of learning plus an added emphasis on problem solving, creativity and the skills of imagination, children will become naturally motivated and enthusiastic about learning.

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Group Tuition

Sessions are 35-40 minutes per subject, once a week. After an initial assessment, students are assigned to a tutor with 2-3 other students.

The groups are based on individual abilities, not age or school grade.

Private Tuition

We offer one-on-one private tuition in Mathematics or English for high school students or those with more individual needs. We focus more on the thinking process and how students derive their answers, it isn’t always about the “correct” answer