At R3 Education Centre, we offer small group and private tuition for pre-school to high school students in mathematics and English. We use the approach that children should feel enthusiastic about learning.

  • R³ Education Centre looks to create well-rounded students of English by giving them a broad understanding of the different aspects of the English language, in addition to school syllabus.

  • We adopt a multisensory approach, which enables all children - whatever their learning style or ability - to develop the key skills which will allow them to read fluently, spell accurately and write confidently.

  • We believe that learning language skills should not be solely for the purpose of students knowing what is ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’.

  • Students should have strong English skills so they can make the best choices when writing and to make themselves understood as clearly as possible. The majority of the English language does not fall into a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ category, and we aim to reflect this in our English program.

  • Through our program, students are able to easily identify and use a variety of writing styles and structures, a key component of the English syllabus.

We aim to develop:
  • students’ reading ability

  • writing skills

  • a working understanding of the mechanics of English

  • perfect grammar and punctuation use

  • comprehension skills

  • a strong vocabulary bank

  • R³ Education Centre introduces a fresh approach to the learning of Mathematics in a small-centre learning environment.

  • At R³ Education Centre, we believe that Mathematics is more than rote-learning rules, formulae and procedures. We believe it should be more about making sense of mathematical questions, situations or problems in a meaningful way and being able to assess whether or not an answer obtained makes sense.

  • Our goal is to turn our students into a successful and independent learner. We work with the students so they learn the strategies that is required of them.

We aim to:
  • develop the learning of essential numeracy and mathematical skills

  • improve mental computation skills

  • complement work taught in the NSW mathematics classroom

  • extend the student by incorporating a range of both abstract and practical problems

  • support the development of students’ mathematical reasoning skills

  • assist students in learning to explain their thinking

  • promote thinking and reflection about numbers and operations.